What is the best method for learning English

Have you ever wondered what the best method of learning English is? You are not alone. This is one of the most common questions I get from my students.

Hello, Nicole here with Think Speak and Live

I’m here this early morning. It’s about 7:00am and it’s pouring raining outside. I actually just woke up this morning to a warning on my cellphone. A flash flood warning. Which means that we are getting a lot of rain. So, there may be some danger of flooding, or too much water

Hopefully, that won’t be a problem today. But, I wanted to do this video to talk to you about a question that I get a lot. And that question is, What is the best method for learning English?

What books should I buy, what program should I buy?

The short answer is, there is no one best program for everyone. Each person is different. Everyone has a different motivation. And the funny thing about motivation is that it is something that we don’t think about a lot.

But, it’s very important because if we don’t know our motivation, It can be very difficult for us to make progress or get better. So, what is your motivation or the reason why you want to learn English? Is it for your job or career or is it for travel or culture?

Once you figure out what your reasons are, then it will be a lot easier For you to decide what program you want to purchase or what kind of books you want to use

The second question you want to ask is, what is your goal?

So, for example, if you want to travel then your goal may be just to communicate with locals in those areas Where you will be traveling. So, maybe you don’t want to achieve native level fluency, but you want to be able to express yourself in very comfortable conversations

and that is a worthwhile goal! Everyone doesn’t have to achieve native level fluency

But, that is important for you to think about.

What is your “Why”, and also think about your “What”

Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to choose a method because you will choose the one that helps you achieve your goals.






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