Do I Need An English Teacher to Become Fluent in English?

Is it possible to learn everything you need to know through self-study?

Hello, Nicole here with Think Speak Live/ Real English for the real world


I am here this lovely afternoon preparing for this evening. I’m going to have some friends over and we’re going to eat a little and just enjoy each other’s company.  It’s always fun to get together with friends. It’s definitely something we should make time to do.


And speaking of time. I want to talk about some valuable use of your time in regard to English:

Having an English teacher to help you achieve your goals.


But, do you really need an English teacher? It is definitely possible to learn English totally through self-study, but it depends on your goals and where you live.


If you live in an English-speaking country, then it is quite easy to find a lot of opportunities to speak English. Very basic, everyday activities such as shopping, going to the doctor and banking will all be in English.


A lot of people learn and become fluent in English just by moving to an English-speaking country and working there. But, a lot of people do not.

That brings us back to goals. What is your goal? Is it to become fluent; to achieve native-level fluency? Then the right teacher can help you to get there.


Think of an English teacher as your tour guide to the English speaking world. Here are 3 things that a teacher can help you with


  • Setting goals
  • Identifying weak spots and gaps
  • Providing feedback on pronunciation


A goal is one of the most important things you need to improve English.

A teacher can help you to set that goal and help you decide what steps are needed to get to where you want to go.

If you hire a tour guide, the first question he will ask is, “Where do you want to go?”

A teacher can help you figure out where you want to go with English and what makes sense for your life.


We can spend a lot of time learning a language and still have a lot of weak spots and gaps when we speak. A teacher can help you to identify those weak spots.


Are you unsure of when to use, articles such as, “the” or “a” ?


Do you have trouble responding to questions that require you to explain something in detail?


A teacher can help you to bridge those gaps, or strengthen those weak spots so that you can express yourself better.


Do you wonder if your English is easy to understand? Do you have trouble pronouncing the “t” “p” or “r” letters in English?


A teacher can help you improve your pronunciation so that you can have conversations with more confidence.


Can you learn English on your own? Yes, of course you can! And you should do as much on your own as possible. But, a teacher can help you take your English to the next level.






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